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pure natural honey with sunflowers


To get products, visit our Farm Store, get them delivered with Market Wagon or visit one of our wonderful retailers.  



Our award-winning honey is produced by our own bees and extracted by our beekeeper.  Our pure and unfiltered honey allows the pollen, vitamins and antioxidants to remain intact.  In a squeeze bottle for easier use. 

12 oz Bear   $8.00

1 lb Bottle   $10.00

2 lb Bottle   $17.00

5 lb Bottle   $40.00


Lip Balms

The beeswax in our lip balms helps to seal in moisture all day, and the appealing scents are derived solely from essential oils.

Beeswax lip balms available in:








$3.00 each or 2/$5.00


Kids' Soaps

Kid-friendly handmade soaps contain gentle oils and buttermilk with fun scents and colors.

Fluffy Sheets

Bubble Gum Rainbow

Peach Sherbet

$5.00 each


Comb Honey

Comb honey in its raw form for those who appreciate honey with its comb.  Limited availability.

$15.00 each


Lotion Bars

 Dry hands or feet? Try our bee-themed lotion bar. Beeswax not only creates a protective layer on your skin, but also has antibacterial properties. The shea butter's cell regenerative properties help to keep skin healthy and provides moisture to the skin. Our Beeswax Lotion Bar is scented with our milk and honey scent, and packaged in a classy black tin.

Also available:

Spring/Summer: Strawberry and Lilac

Fall/Winter: Pumpkin, Apple, Sugar Plum, Gingerbread

$4.00 each



Our delightful beeswax coconut blend candles have a wood wick and a variety of scents to fit any need.  Each candle burns over 50 hours.

Year-round favorites:

Milk & Honey

Coffee Shop

Chocolate Espresso

Crisp Cotton



Winter Pine                    


Valentine's Day:             

Love Spell

Dark Chocolate





Seasonal scents may be ordered by special request throughout the year.

$16.00 each

Beeswax Ingots

1.4 oz pure beeswax ingots for a multitude of household uses. 

$3.00 each

Honey jars make great party favors

Have a special event that requires large quantities of product for gifts or favors?

We offer wholesale pricing to private parties looking to buy large quantities for special events.  Use the contact form below or our email with the product(s) and quantity you would like to order.  We will follow up with pricing and shipping.  We'd love to have our handmade natural soaps, beeswax products, or natural honey products be part of your special event.

Interested in carrying our natural apiary products?

Our natural honeys, handmade beeswax lip balms and natural beeswax lotion bars are available for wholesale purchase.  Simply contact us through the contact form or directly through our email to discuss the products you would like to carry. 

You can expect wholesale orders to be shipped in 3-5 business days and we will notify you of any shortages before shipping.  Shipping will be via UPS or US Postal Service. Payment is expected prior to shipping.

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