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  Award-winning, family-owned, natural apiary products

100% pure, raw honey that helps you live a more natural, healthy life. Every purchase supports healthy bees.

Honey bee flying with trail

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Traditional honey bee hive like kept by Honey in the Hollow Bee Farm
Honey bee flying with trail

“Highly recommended! High quality honey. Great service. The beeswax products are beautifully made and smell so good!”

— Diamond H.

Honey bee flying with trail

“Was working with my buddy a few weeks ago and bought 1 lb of honey.... Let me tell you straight up... It's the best honey I ever tasted. Thanks again.”

— Leonard C. 

“This is by far the best honey. I've had both dark and light, and they are both soo good. I just got the lip balm, and it's amazing.”

— Meghan E. 

"Just ate a 12 oz. can of baked beans with two soup spoons of your dark honey added.  Umm Good."

- John F.

“The best honey around.”

"Great honey, fantastic lip balm in an assortment of flavors. Lovely candles and cute beeswax figurines. The soap is my favorite, always offering a seasonal variety. The best part is knowing you’re supporting the bee community!!"

- Phil F.

- Piper L.

Honey bee flying with trail
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