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Who Ya Gonna Call?

This has been a busy month for the beekeepers and the honey bees. Sue went to South Carolina to help beekeeper Glenn harvest honey. What an experience! Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it wasn't too warm.

First, helper Sue gets her bee suit and leafblower gear on.

Then beekeeper Glenn sets up the box for "blowing bees." (The day prior, beekeeper Glenn has rearanged the boxes to encourage the bees to exit this box for a new one.)

Next beekeeper Glenn places the box of

honey frames in the box (which has a screen on the backside).

Then helper Sue uses the leafblower

to blow all the honeybees off

of the frames of honey so we

don't remove them from the hive. (Before you worry, they may be dazed, but fully functioning.)

Beekeeper Glenn returns them to their own hive so they don't have to fly around the bee yard in a mad tizzy. Don't misunderstand. They're are plenty of bees flying because we're making a lot of noise and disrupting them, but this helps cut down on the turmoil.

Mostly honeybee-free boxes of honey

heading for home to be extracted

before arriving in your home.

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