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Fall Fun!

🌻 Harvest Season Abundance 🍯

Our hardworking bees have been busy all year, and we're delighted to report that this fall's honey harvest is bountiful! The hives are brimming with golden nectar, and our beekeeper has been diligently collecting and extracting the sweet, pure honey that our apiary is known for. Whether you prefer it for drizzling over pancakes or adding to your favorite recipes, our honey is sure to bring a taste of autumn to your table.

🍂 Fall Hive Health 🐝

Our top priority at Honey in the Hollow Bee Farm is the health and well-being of our bees. This fall, our beekeeper has been working tirelessly to ensure that our hives are strong and thriving. We've taken measures to protect against common fall challenges like mites and to provide our bees with the best possible conditions to prepare for winter.

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