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Busy as a Bee

Beekeeper Glenn, a dedicated individual, is diligently tending to the welfare of his hives by ensuring that any colonies lacking a queen are promptly requeened.He is also creating new hives to support and bolster the existing bee community. By initiating this process, he is actively contributing to the preservation and growth of these essential pollinators.

Over the coming weeks, the industrious honey bees will be diligently working to fill their hives with a rich assortment of local pollens and nectar. This intricate process is essential for the production of honey, which serves as a valuable food source for the bees, and the pollens, which provide them with essential proteins necessary for their well-being. The intricate balance of collecting nectar and pollen showcases the amazing efficiency and sophistication of these remarkable insects.

Despite the inquiries from various individuals expressing interest in purchasing pollen, Beekeeper Glenn has made a conscious decision not to sell this precious resource. The decision stems from a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the delicate ecological balance within his beekeeping operation. While honey is abundant and serves as a sustainable product for sale, pollen is a more limited resource that is crucial for the bees' nutritional needs and overall health.

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